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W I L L I A M S   L I M E   L T D

Rob Williams Lime Plastering is based in The Historic Town of Barnard Castle, County Durham and is well placed to undertake projects in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the whole of the UK.

The company has been working with lime based products for over 20 years, we are a small family company with the capacity to fulfil all projects, large and small, with a real passion for lime and its benefits to our historic future. Our principles are firmly based on doing an outstanding job which is true to the building, and one to be proud of.

Specialising in the restoration and preservation of historic plaster finishes using traditional Lime plastering techniques, we can undertake repairs on a whole building or just patch as necessary.

Internally, skills include re-lathing and plastering ceilings and partitions, three coat work on brick, stone or lath or wattle + daub plus lime washing.

Externally, re-rendering, re-pointing and patching in lime mortars are a speciality, plus a full lime washing service is available.


Our team are experienced in providing a decorating service specific to our plasterwork, emphasising the importance of using the latest, high quality materials, advising you on the best paints and lime washes for an expert finished touch. We have a proven track record in the use of modern materials whereby recent projects demonstrate the ability to achieve sharp, clean lines.


Large historic estate, church or small cottage - Rob is happy to advise and/or offer a no obligation estimate. All work is to the highest standard and to the customer or architects specification.


Williams Lime Ltd can help you understand your building and its' needs, avoiding the hidden costs of using the wrong materials or approach.

References are available on request.



WILLIAMS LIME LTD are proud to announce that we have been asked to complete the internal and external Lime Plastering of the old YMCA building in Whitehaven. This huge project began  in April and has obtained press coverage. Rob will be delivering some lime taster days and master classes on behalf of the THI on the Foyer Project for local people whom have interests in Lime and how Lime is used traditionally.
YMCA PROGRESS: The project is in full swing with a whole team based in Whitehaven, many rooms have been scratch coated and are waiting for drying. Hand sawn, oak laths are being delivered daily. The window bands are coming along nicely which makes such a difference to the overall look of the building. It's really beginning to take shape! We are so proud of our team and being part of this project.

Historic Buildings

Getting it right first time.


Fantastic team efforts get the best results.

Traditional Lathing.

Attention to detail, expert joinery equals superb quality lathing.

Straw Bale Houses

We helped Brian Waite, founder and designer of this Straw Bale House to complete his dream.

He says "I designed this low energy, low carbon, affordable strawbalehouse primarily to reduce my own energy bills in retirement but it is obvious that we all will need to reduce our energy consumption so it is now available as an easy build “kit”  for self-builders" Visit his site for more information.