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Rob has just completed a report for a lady whom has been subject to extreme damp conditions to her property - Jeopardising the health of her tenants, damaging tenants property from mould build up and ruining the internal aesthetic quality of her beautiful home. Prior work by inexperienced builders and Architects that seem to not understand the needs of old buildings means that the property has been subject to the use of impermeable products such as Lime Lite and PVA. Unfortunately the only solution is to strip back the property to its original stone and start afresh! The cost implication of this is huge and it is sad that Rob keeps coming across this work is sad. Hopefully after the report the client will be able to find re-course and remedy the novice actions and save her property from further disrepair.

 We aim to provide a first class service from conception to completion, all work undertaken by our time served, skilled plasterers is carried out in a sympathetic, professional manner and is completed to the highest standards.

We are able to offer clients a personal service tailored to their individual needs.

We are committed to Health and Safety and are fully insured.


Building techniques in the last century were very different to those practices today. Traditional buildings were constructed using solid stone, brick or earth often with no damp proof course. Moisture drawn up the walls of such properties needs to evaporate to the outside and these structures need to "breathe". The use of traditional lime techniques both internally and externally will do just this. 

There are many benefits of using lime putty and earth based renders and plasters:

  • The structure can breathe more as lime is porous
  • General movement and cracking is more readily accommodated due to the elasticity of the products
  • Pointing with lime mortar allows moisture to evaporate
  • Lime washing aids the evaporation of moisture too

Following these simple restoration rules will ensure that your historic building doesn't fall into decay as so many buildings have in recent years, due to the use of cement rich repairs.

A purely natural material

Correctly formulated as a truly sustainable lime paint or plaster, a pure, natural lime does not include any artificial admixtures, plastics, or harmful chemicals.

A natural antiseptic

Lime is mould-resistant and a natural biocide. Due to lime's high pH (between 12-12.5), it serves to reduce indoor air pollutants, while making the structure hygienically sound and easy to clean.


When structures made of lime are subjected to small movements, they are more likely to develop many fine cracks than the individual large cracks, which occur in stiffer cement-bound structures. Water penetration into these fine cracks can dissolve "free" lime and bring it to the surface. As the water evaporates, this lime is then "re-deposited" and begins to self-fuse, healing the cracks.

This explains why some old lime structures on non-stable foundations distort with age, but do not fail.


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Helping the young at heart with an occupation.

Laura Hall. Our newest member of the team, gives the crew a hand with the Lime Washing at Garigill, Alston. Learning the properties of Lime first hand and getting straight on the tools. A quick learner. We hope Laura enjoys her training with us.

Why us?


Rob has been in the plastering and building industry for over 30 years. His knowledge and expertise exceeds those of many Lime companies.

With a long list of satisfied customers, and secure relationships with numerous Architects, Conservation Officers and Heritage Companies around the UK.

Everyone knows Rob for his enjoyment of life, making new work relationships and his overwhelming passion for Lime and its uses in restoration work.


Joanna works as our Business Manager. Secretary, Agony Aunt, payroll, accounts and bookings and PR Manager. She likes to be hands on with Lime Washing and Painting with Hydraulic Lime Paints. She is able to advise and assist in all areas of the business model.


Our work horse! Never lets us down and we are proud to say that Binney is a member of the 'Rob Williams Lime team!