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Professional Lime Plastering Consultancy

Translating client's needs to conserve the historic fabric of their homes.

Rob supports clients to present proposals for change to historic and listed buildings and works closely with vested partners to offer knowledge and guidance in all areas of Lime work. Along with providing information around all questions concerning 'Lime Plaster techniques' Rob can advise and suggest solutions to prevent or remove damp using breathable products. 

We advise and support:

  • Building contractors and tradesmen on sourcing and using the right materials and the correct application, from inception to conception.
  • Home owners beginning to repair and resolve problems with their properties.
  • Architects and engineers.

Rob offers consultancy work in the following areas:

Historic research analysis

Application of Lime products

Repair strategies and damp management.

Listed Building Consent Applications


Rob offers onsite consultancy services. Please contact Rob to discuss requirements.